Barossa Nursery answers the call for unique Kirkman peach

Barossa Nursery’s Mr Daniel Bartsch with the Kirkman peach.

Some may be lucky enough to have established trees growing in their gardens or orchards, but it’s been a good while since the Kirkman peach has been available to purchase for planting.

After countless queries from locals about the availability of the unique Barossa favourite, the team at Barossa Nursery decided it was time to investigate adding the hard-to-find variety to their stock.

“It was a variety that was obviously very popular in the Barossa years ago because it’s something that we’ve been asked about for years and years,” said Barossa Nursery owner, Mr Daniel Bartsch.

“It’s impossible to buy out of the Barossa… None of our suppliers have grown it. There’s varieties of fruit trees that are diminishing as the popular ones are getting more popular and all of the others are almost dying out, but this is one that obviously has taken Barossa residents’ attention over the generations.”

Barossa Nursery was able to secure some budwood from a local established tree, which were budded in Balhannah about eighteen months ago.

Now the trees, which are known as reliable croppers that produce a yellow flesh freestone fruit, are in the nursery and ready for sale.

And while there’s only a limited number of trees available this year, Daniel is confident that the Kirkman will become a regular at the nursery.

“We’ll probably try and continue doing it, especially because of the response we’ve already had to the trees,” he said.

“We’ve actually planted a tree in our own orchard down at Tanunda, so budwood will be more readily accessible for us to grow in future years.”

No doubt there will be plenty of locals pleased to hear that the longevity of the Kirkman in the Barossa will be ensured.

“It’s more or less a variety that everybody knew from their parents or grandparents,” said Daniel.

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