Barossa couple hook gold in NZ

Lubin and Casey Pfeiffer with their medal haul at the 2020 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships.

Lubin and Casey Pfeiffer are the Barossa’s golden couple when it comes to the sport of fly fishing.

Recently the pair competed in the 2020 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships in Taupo, New Zealand where they took out gold in the men’s and ladies’ individual categories respectively.

Lubin and Casey competed against 56 competitors hailing from Commonwealth countries such as Canada, England and South Africa.

The competition is staged over five “sessions” in five different locations, with the aim to catch the most fish based on quantity and length.

After 15 years in the sport and six times representing Australia internationally, Lubin was excited to bring home the overall win.

 “You always need a bit of luck on your side,” he said. 

“After all the years it was very nice for all the stars to align and be able to get the result that I did. It was a lot of hard work getting to this point.”

For Championship debutante, Casey, finishing as not only the top-placed woman, but seventh overall was a huge achievement.

“That’s actually more of a feather in the cap, placing in the open competition,” she said.

When Casey first started competition fishing about five years ago, she was one of only two ladies competing. 

That number has since increased enough for Australia to put forward a complete ladies’ Championship team for the first time this year.

“I’m a strong believer that the ladies can compete with the men,” said Casey.

“There’s a few of the Aussie ladies that have proven that they can consistently compete in the open field and be very competitive, but having the ladies’ division is definitely more encouraging to get women into the sport.”

Since returning to Australia in late March, Casey and Lubin have been in self-isolation at Lubin’s parents’ house in Moculta due to current quarantine rules affecting returning travellers.

When the threat of COVID-19 passes, the couple look forward to getting back to life as normal, which involves travelling the country, shooting fishing videos and writing for fishing magazines.

“When we’re not in isolation, we live in a van, so we spent the last two summers in Tasmania and travelled all over the place fishing,” said Lubin. 

“Being able to do something that we both love like that is really special.”

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