Barossa artist’s project brings community together

Rebecca Reynolds, Kirsty Kingsley and Renee de Saxe with a few of the ‘100 Barossa Artists’ self-portraits.

Connecting and celebrating artists’ contribution to the region’s culture is the aim behind project, 100 Barossa Artists.

The project is a curation of 100 self-portraits created by visual artists.

Kirsty Kingsley, Renee de Saxe, Rebecca Reynolds, Janelle Amos and the ‘She Is’ group have workshopped, supported and set up the structure of the SALA exhibition, which also gained support from Foundation Barossa’s Peter Lehmann Arts and Education Trust.

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The first 10 self-portraits were exhibited at Wanderlust Greenock at Kalleske Wines and the 100 artist’s exhibition is planned for August as part of SALA.

“By their nature and occupation, artists tend to work on their craft alone. 100 Barossa Artists is an opportunity for their work to be celebrated and for the artists among us to feel part of a community,” said Rebecca.

“It’s exciting to be creating a vision of the Barossa now and into the future.”

The team have received submissions from professional practising artists, emerging artists, creative yearners and learners, those who studied art at university, others who have rediscovered their passion and school students. 

A wide variety of mediums are being used, including painting, drawing, textiles, digital, mixed media and photography. 

It costs $50 to register and you receive a canvas, which will create equilibrium in the exhibition.

How and what happens with this canvas is up to the artist. Some have taken the canvas off and worked on board or re wrapped with digital prints or material.  

Secondly, the theme is a self-portrait, how that is expressed is up to the individual artist, by no means does that need to be in the traditional sense of a self-portrait.

“We aim to include a broad cross section of our community, as many artists as possible, in as many visual mediums as possible,” said Renee. 

“We want to capture the breadth of artists and tell their stories, so we can celebrate their skills, backgrounds and vision.

“Producing a self-portrait is challenging, it is raw, soul baring. The fact that we have so many people on board willing to be that open and contribute is exciting and I am so grateful that they trust the process and the outcome.”

The organisers all agreed that as the year has progressed, the importance of art in all of its forms in people’s lives is proving to be exponential and the marking of the year.  

“This project is not just an avenue for artists to express themselves. Art provides the opportunity for the viewer to think and to feel. It enables our community to observe, relate and remember emotions captured within these portraits of this time,” said Kirsty.  

“It will be a comprehensive reflection, a historical reference point in which future generations will be able to look back on.”

Whilst there are almost 100 artists that have registered, there’s always room for more if people are looking for a creative

To register online visit or email

Otherwise, forms are available at Raven’s Parlour Bookstore in Tanunda and Greenock Post Office. Registrations are open to the end of May, with artwork due by July 1. 

Kirsty added, “We hope that this is just the beginning and that sooner rather than later we can start talking of 1,000 Barossa artists encompassing painters, digital artists, writers, sculptures, textile artists, musicians and movie makers!”