Autumn edition of The Barossa Mag

Autumn is most certainly my favourite season of all.

As we all eagerly await the seasonal transformation of colours, the Barossa landscape displays a beautiful patchwork of blissful hues of gold, brown and yellow.

Ultimately, we have a front row seat to view an ever-changing, first class performance – I hope you enjoy the show.

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As we begin to enjoy the cooler temperatures and view rows of vines that no longer bare fruit, I am reminded that the Barossa Vintage Festival isn’t too far away.

Young or not, we all have fond memories of a particular event or experience. I have personally lost count of how many Parades I’ve seen but as a local, who doesn’t enjoy sharing in this experience? It really is a timeless Barossa tradition.

I would love to know how are you planning to turn your vintage into a festival this year? What events are you most looking forward to and what’s your fondest memory?

In this edition, I am proud to introduce you to sixth generation landowner, Adrian Hoffmann.

With such admiration, we learn of Adrian’s affection for the region and its people.

I would also love for you to discover Chelsea Brook, a 19 year old professional Basketballer that proves that it’s possible you achieve your childhood dream.

You will also be enlightened by a story of courage and resilience through Jaron Dswonitzky’s journey to overcome a mental illness.

However you’re planning to enjoy the new season, I hope that you fall in love with the new Autumn edition of TBM.

I hope that the words that flow from these pages help to inspire your day.

Darren Robinson – The Barossa Mag Publishing Director.
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