Saturday, February 27, 2021

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As a business in this current climate, it has become a very difficult time to navigate. Where the environment is changing daily, people are looking for stable and accurate information.

Shop Local is a simple concept focussed on highlighting our local businesses and their staff. With continued support from our community, we can all will assist in keeping their doors open and products and services available.,

With swift changes to the everyday operations and offerings across all industries, each business is needing to adapt in unique ways to both continue to operate and provide both safe and convenient options for their customers..

Anything and Everything Trees

>> Aaron Smith and the team from Anything and Everything Trees.

Given the current climate, what ways have you adapted your business?

And what do you currently offer?

Business as usual. We work independently from each other; we don’t work side by side. Regarding clients, we quote, etc. by phone or email.

Tell us the story of your business?

Who are the people behind your business, what makes you proud to be a business owner?

I am an owner/operator. Operating for 4 years with 15 years prior experience in the industry. I enjoy serving our clients, working in fresh air and every job is different and a challenge. A lot of planning is required.

In your opinion, why is it important now more than ever for locals to shop in the Barossa?

By supporting a local business like ours, it enables the business to shop local and put back into the community. The majority, say 99% of what I buy, is local.

How does your business benefit the community?

As an essential service, our team maintains trees and landscape.

What do you pride yourself on?

What separates your business from all of the others?

We always do a really good job. The site is left nice and clean and puts a smile on the customer’s face.