ACBA seeks new leader

Angaston Community Business Alliance chairman, Mr Steve Falland has welcomed continued improvements to the town’s main street.

He’s held the role of chairman of the Angaston Community Business Alliance for the last 10 years and now Steve Falland is looking for a new leader to take on the role.

Witnessing significant growth and changes in the town during this time, Steve said the Angaston Community Business Alliance can not rest on their laurels and a fresh set of eyes in the chairman’s role is needed.

“We have enthusiastic people who want to volunteer and help and they come to meetings and have great ideas,” said Steve.

He said their upcoming AGM will result in vacancies, particularly at the chairman and secretary level and he looked forward to welcoming new interest.

Steve spoke positively about Angaston which has a vibrant main street and business offering coupled with strong interest from tourists.

Whilst continuing to face challenges, Steve said it may mean they will need to turn to other organisations like Council, Regional Development Australia or the State Government for support and the assistance to fund the grass roots level community group.

“Or we may need to group up with other town leaders to see how we can support each other as much as we support our own interests in the town,” said Steve.

“It is a big challenge to keep volunteer committees running. We look forward to increased buy in from town businesses to help shape our town message.”

Steve noted the importance of the Angaston Community Business Alliance and the role they play, particularly in lobbying and advocacy and has welcomed a number of improvements to the town over the years including the most recent significant project, the Barossa Adventure Station.

With improvements to Angaston’s main street continuing to take place under Council’s work programme, Steve looked forward to further work taking place under next year’s budget.

“I do feel lucky to have such an enthusiasm and support from the community to fill this committee and to be able to achieve what we have over the years,” said Steve.

“It has been built on the work of the 10 to 15 years previously of the Angaston Management Group.”

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