A time of great excitement for Geoff and Helen

Geoff and Helen Munzberg are enjoying their retirement in an Independent Living unit.

Making the decision to move out of the family home takes courage.

For Geoff and Helen Munzberg, formerly of Vine Vale, leaving their home of 55 years was always going to be a time of sadness, but they were determined to do it on their own terms.

“We say to people, do this, make the move before you think you need to because even if we had waited another year, it possibly would have been more than we could cope with,” said Geoff.

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Geoff and Helen first started thinking about making the move into an Independent Living unit at Tanunda Lutheran Home in 2017. 

After putting their names down at the beginning of 2018, the offer of a unit came up surprisingly quickly.

“When we pulled up outside the place that we are in now, even before we had a look inside, we said we could live here,” said Geoff.

The Munzbergs were fortunate to move into a unit that was being refurbished, and were invited to provide a wish list of improvements they would like to see in their new home.

“We used to peer in through the windows and walk around the outside, it was a time of great excitement for us, but we also needed to get to work and organise all our stuff,” said Geoff.

“We took lots of photos before we moved. There’s probably a couple of photos that still make us sad… but coming here it’s all been good,” said Geoff.

Since moving into their retirement living unit in Hilda Schulz Drive on the main site of Tanunda Lutheran Home, Geoff and Helen have enjoyed the convenience of being in the heart of Tanunda, with the ability to walk down the street and to nearby facilities.

“Someone only said to me just the other day, how do you find living there, how do you cope with all the restrictions they put on you?” said Geoff. 

“I said, restrictions? There are no restrictions. We just have a great sense of freedom.” 

That freedom extends to no longer having to worry about general household maintenance.

“I’ve been a fixer all my life and it’s just wonderful to be able to ring someone up and say, such and such needs attention and lo and behold the same day or the next day, somebody comes along and does it,” said Geoff.

There is still scope for improvements though, with green-thumb Helen planting out their yard with a beautiful display of flowers.

“I had to leave my garden behind, but I’ve brought bits and pieces with me and some things back in Vine Vale needed a lot of work so I think, good, I don’t have to do that anymore!” she laughed.

Geoff has also found a new purpose writing for Tit Tat, the internal TLH newsletter.

“I think I have the best job in this place,” said Geoff. 

“Each month I go and see someone and I talk to them and I write a story about them, and I’ve got to know about six or eight interesting people. I’m sure the place is full of interesting people, we just need to talk to them.”

Geoff and Helen enjoy attending the communal events on site, like the Strawberry Fete, and look forward to participating in more activities in future as life slows down.

“We’re still fit and able and move around a fair bit, but it’s all here if you want it,” said Geoff.

For any family, down-sizing can be a time of mixed emotions. The Munzbergs were no different, but they are proud of their foresight in taking charge and making their own decision at a time while they still could.

“We needed to make this move while we were still in control of our lives and I tell lots of people that they need to do that,” said Geoff. 

The couple have no regrets calling TLH home.

“We think we’ve got a good spot,” said Helen.