A step up for Lyndoch CFS

On April 22 the Lyndoch CFS Brigade received a new Fire Appliance with features that are set to improve crew capacity, comfort and most importantly, safety. 

Lyndoch CFS Brigade Captain Shane Emms said it will be vital to provide better coverage at larger incidents.

“We are really looking forward to the new truck,” Shane added.

“It’s been a long time coming.”

The previous single cab appliance at Lyndoch Brigade was about 26 years old, according to Shane.

“It served us well, and after 26 years it’s still in great condition,” Shane said.

Since 2000, CFS have been replacing appliances with air-conditioned crew cab/chassis, providing a high level of comfort when travelling to and from incidents and during training exercises. 

Shane said the new appliance will enable the crew to communicate at a higher level.

“There’s nothing like going to an incident together in a dual cab where we can communicate well, and by the time we get there the crew will know exactly what is needed,” he added.

The CFS search for continuous improvement on previous year’s models when specifying new appliances. 

Each year there may be some variations to the detail of appliances but the basic layout of the lockers and tray area has changed little in recent years.

Currently S.A have a fleet of 784 vehicles in use which include tankers, urban pumpers, pumper/tankers, bulk water carriers, rescue and command vehicles. 

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