A lasting legacy for Roma

Wolf Rost; Tash Goldsmith, BAFFC; Robyn Voigt, Barossa Village; Jodie Harris, Barossa Village; Jill Lange, BAFFC; Chris Malberg, Barossa Village; Robyn Hart, BAFFC; Matt Kowald, Barossa Village; Bridie Gigney, Sonder/Barossa Village; Jan Tompkins; Julie Combe, BAFFC.

It was an emotional morning for Barossa Village last Thursday as two staff members shaved their heads in honour of their late friend and resident, Roma Below.

As of last Thursday, Barossa Village raised over $1,000 for Barossa Area Fundraisers for Cancer from the event.

Roma had terminal cancer and was given just three to six months to live.

With a passion for fundraising and selling raffle tickets, even at age 95, Roma decided to shave her head to raise money for BAFFC.

However when she passed away on June 14, Barossa Village staff, Chris Malberg and Robyn Voigt took it into their hands to brave the shave.

Chris, who has been with Barossa Village for 32 years, explained that she was there to remember Roma and her brother, Anthony who recently passed away from cancer.

“I’m so very proud to do it for Roma, it means a lot. My mum Margaret also died from cancer many years ago,” said Chris.

Before Roma passed, Robyn told her she’d support her in one way or another.

“I didn’t expect to have my head shaved but after she died I knew how important it was to her,” said Robyn.

“Plus I’m a daredevil and haven’t had that adrenaline rush for a while!”

The late Roma Below.

Mr Matt Kowald, Barossa Village General Manager of Residential Care Services, said that every time a head shave happens it’s a reminder that cancer affects everyone.

When Roma originally approached Matt with the idea of shaving her head, Barossa Village were keen to help.

Whilst he joked a shave for Roma would have been a two minute job, he added that it’s not about the amount of hair, but rather being committed to making a difference.

“We have raised over $1,000. Mostly from people at the residency which I think speaks volumes and shows we all wanted to make Roma’s dream come true,” said Matt.

“She had a phenomenal life of service and is an inspiration to us all.

“She’s been here in spirit for this lasting legacy to her.”

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