100 year milestone for positive thinker

Janet Crowhurst of Ingle Farm, with her aunty, Dorothy Kelly of Williamstown, who turned 100 on Friday.

The secret of a long life is not really that complicated, according to newly annointed centenarian, Dorothy Kelly. 

“Try to stay positive, always look on the good side and eat and drink well,” the Williamstown resident advised.

Still sharp as a tack, Dorothy has seen many changes throughout her long life, not the least of which was an aeroplane flying through the sky for the first time.

“I couldn’t believe it!” she chuckled.

Dorothy has lived at Wirraminna Care for five and a half years, but before that spent time in Evanston, Gawler and Paskeville. 

She was born in Milang on May 27, 1922, one of 9 children.

Her husband of 43 years, Nelson, was a prisoner of war in Java, and died in 1989. 

She’s been on her own ever since. However isn’t short on family, having had four children of her own, seven grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandson.

Her eldest niece, 75 year old Janet Crowhurst joined her last Thursday as the staff and residents at Wirraminna threw Dorothy a special afternoon tea.

On her actual birthday, she was visited by her son, Grant and daughter, Lynne, and son-in-law, Robin, and on Saturday she took a trip to Grant’s farm at Springton to spend time with family.

She hoped seafood may be on the menu, with garlic prawns being her favourite dish.

And while she admits that turning 100 was “just another day”, it was a day she had looked forward to for some time, and with a memory as good as hers, one she won’t soon forget.

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