Positives for Williamstown

Simon Taylor, Southern Barossa Alliance and Lyn Venning, Williamstown Action Group look forward to Williamstown’s growth.

Williamstown is on the cusp of big things according to community leaders who have seen continued growth in the township of late.

Southern Barossa Alliance’s Simon Taylor and Williamstown Action Group’s Lyn Venning can see many positives in the township they have called home for decades.

Efforts by The Barossa Council to recently improve the entrances to the township, particularly from Lyndoch, with a designated footpath and retaining walls has been welcomed by the community.

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“We always talk about tubs and flowers but Council does a really good job,” said Lyn.

With new business coming into the township and continued hope for a supermarket in coming years there’s a really positive vibe in the town.

“It is just coming alive… and the supermarket is not gone, it’s still on the books but it is a slow process,” said Lyn.

Simon and Lyn saw many positives for the region to have a supermarket adding, “We can’t wait for it to happen, it would lift the town and every week we are asked what is happening with the supermarket.”

The Williamstown township continues to grow with nearly 3,000 people calling it home.

Simon said it’s the country lifestyle and being in the Barossa that many are attracted to when it comes to moving to Williamstown.