New CEO sees a lot of potential

Newly appointed chief executive officer at The Co-op, Nuriootpa, Mr Neil Retallick says there’s a lot of potential to unlock in the amazing business.

Starting in his new role on Monday, he added the Co-op has to be innovative, resilient and sustainable and has to meet the needs of its members over the long term.

Mr Retallick has worked for mutual and member based organisations for the last 20 years.

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“Our challenge is to stay close to our customers, to listen carefully to them and to respond to their requests comprehensively and quickly,” said Mr Retallick.

“We need to be innovative to ensure we are the retailers better meeting the needs of our customers.”

Mr Retallick said he liked the ethos of community ownership for community benefit, where profits are returned to the broader community rather than to individual owners. 

“Everyone that works at The Co-op is working for the members,” said Mr Retallick.

“We are the custodians of the members’ assets and we work to improve the return the members receive from their investment. 

“It is an excellent business model.”

In the first few months in his role, Mr Retallick said he will need to gain a greater understanding of how the business operates now as well as the strengths and opportunities that exist for improvement.

 “Also, how the members benefit from The Co-op’s current offers,” said Mr Retallick.

“What is working well for the members and where the members might be dissatisfied with the benefits they are receiving.”

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