Lyndoch – the place locals love to live

Simon Taylor, Southern Barossa Alliance; Tony Drummond, Lyndoch resident; Pete Coad, The Barossa Council and Pamela Rowe, Lyndoch resident.

Lyndoch can be best described as a ‘small country town’, surrounded by vineyards and having the ranges as a backdrop.

A town with a bustling main street filled with places to eat and quirky shops. Lyndoch is definitely a buzz both during the week and on weekends.

Mr Simon Taylor, President of Southern Barossa Alliance, can best describe Lyndoch as a ‘quiet town with lots of lovely people who love the place they live’.

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“People have a country, community spirit and the town just has a really nice outlook. It’s still a country town,” said Simon.

“There’s a coffee and chat group for new people in the town, yoga, ballet, choir and martial arts classes, a great pub, a supermarket, wineries and the best places to stay and eat with a range of quality accommodation, restaurants, bakeries, cafe’s and cellar doors.