Ervin and Lorna Zeunert, of Nuriootpa.

Everyday, just before 10 a.m., you’ll see a little red gopher on its way to Barossa Village.

The gentleman behind the handlebars is Ervin Zeunert and, like clockwork, he’s off to visit his wife, Lorna who lives in the residency just a few kilometres from the home they shared for more than four decades.

If love is the secret to a long life, then Ervin and Lorna are living proof, for Erwin turned 90 on Wednesday – not that he feels that number is correct.

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“I don’t feel that old… I think I’m only about 50-60!” he laughed heartily.

“I’m going alright, but my poor old sweetheart here, she can’t walk by herself. She’s got to have carers to help her,” he said.

Lorna is set to turn 90 on August 4 and on August 18 the couple will have been married for 69 years.

Ervin admits he wouldn’t be able to manage looking after Lorna all on his own and it was “a wonderful thing” that he can have her living close to home, especially as he no longer has a driver’s licence.

It’s clear Lorna’s favourite part of the day is when she sees the smiling face of her husband come through the door, admitting she “just knew” from the moment she met him that he was the man for her.

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