America trip inspires Young Ambassador

Nuriootpa’s Emily Kroschel has returned from her three week visit to America as part of her 2013 Barossa Young Ambassador win.

With Barossa contacts assisting Emily and husband, Matt in the compilation of the itinerary; Emily was able to take in a true cheese, food and wine experience.

The trip could not have come at a better time for Emily, who has gained plenty of insight and inspiration as she looks forward to the expansion of Barossa Valley Cheese, where she works.

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“It was great to be able to experience the culture of food and wine in a similar area and a very different climate,” said Emily.

“We went to a tiny cheese bar at a market in Napa and also a wine cellar where we were able to sit there and have a platter.

“It was where I felt we had the best experience, pairing cheese to condiments.

“It definitely made me think about plate presentation and pairing of food.”

Due to an earthquake, the couple didn’t experience the wine train but did have the opportunity to explore the station and enjoy a cheese culture tasting.

One aspect Emily found interesting was the definition of local.

“We are so locally orientated… San Francisco and the Napa are large regions. They can call California local but we are distinctly Barossa,” said Emily.

“Learning the definition of local, the Barossa definitely knows how to do it.”

Emily said it was interesting that space didn’t matter in retail outlets and it was amazing how they found room to provide an expanding retail offering.

Among the points Emily’s keen to work on locally following her travels are looking at the Barossa in the tourist shoes and even promoting the simple aspect of having a sign that cutlery is available.

Customer service was a big aspect Emily was impressed with and recognised the importance of maintaining a positive customer service standard.

“We were never disappointed with the service where we went,” said Emily.

“Obviously in America they are tipped and it is a different culture. To take the time to stop and learn about the customer. It’s the first travel experience that opened my eyes to a lot of things and the connection you can build with people, it’s easy if you let them.”