A sustainable solution

Grow Love Community Garden volunteers, Donna Gaskin, Bob Modra and Denise Habermann are challenging the community to collect their bread tags and lids from drink containers to support two projects that will aid others less fortunate.

The humble bread tag and the top to your milk, juice or soft drink carton are being collected by the Grow Love Community Garden, Tanunda and will make their way to help people less fortunate.

Denise Habermann is co-ordinating the drive saying otherwise the items would go to landfill.

Schools and cafes across the region are already backing the initiative with the materials being used to assist in two projects – the bottle tops to Envision Hands where items including prosthetic limbs are being made while the bread tags will help fund wheelchairs in South Africa.

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The Grow Love Community Garden has a collection point at Magnolia Road, Tanunda