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Stott Highway danger

Stott Highway danger

The condition of Stott Highway is causing concern after promised upgrades have still not been finished.

In July, the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure advised that safety improvements along the seven kilometre section of Stott Highway, east of Angaston, were scheduled for completion by the end of last year at an estimated cost of $1 million.

Edge break repair works have been completed and the section of road now features three metre wide lanes and a wider shoulder. However, the promised full-width resealing is yet to occur.

Keyneton resident, Mr David Hinds uses the road regularly to commute to work in Angaston and is worried about the dangerous conditions.

“The road is horrific,” said David.

“I put a camera on my motorcycle and the bike actually leaves the ground!”

Of main concern to David is the road surfacing method where loose gravel is left on the surface of the road. He believes this was a contributing factor to a car crash he saw last Wednesday.

“I said to my partner that this gravel is so loose there is going to be a car crash and as I was saying it, we come around the corner… This kid had crashed and there were people everywhere. It was mayhem,” explained David.

“It’s supposed to be swept. They obviously got half way through the day and just left it. Even this morning [Friday]there were just lines of loose gravel without the bitumen that glues it. It’s pure loose gravel and it is crazily slippery.”

David believes road hazard signs were inappropriate for the danger ahead and he questioned the duty of care.

“If you know anything about traffic zone management, the distances have to be a lot further than what they were. When that kid had the accident, the 40 km an hour sign was right at the gravel, it wasn’t 100 metres before. There was no warning,” David said.

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