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Victor’s punches are flying fast and true

Victor’s punches are flying fast and true

Victor Odindo, Angaston, is preparing for his next boxing fight after winning his last match at “Punches at the Park 7” against an experience mixed martial artist (MMA) fighter.

The event, hosted and arranged by Hosking Promotions, was held on February 24 at the St Kilda Town Hall in Victoria. Victor was up against popular and well known MMA fight, Rodolfo Marquez in the Light Welterweight class, weighing 65.9kg.

At weigh in, Victor kept in his Light Welterweight class with a recorded 63.65 kg on the day.

The fight was four rounds of three minutes, however, Victor managed to finish his bout in the second round.

Victor said, “My fight was the second one of the night, Rodolfo has not solely boxed before but he has won many rounds and titles in Mixed Martial Arts. Rodolfo is a southpaw, which means he is left handed, and I’m orthodox, or right handed, so as with anyone fighting against a left hander, it was a challenge.

“I managed to knock him down once in the first round, he got back up and we finished the round. He had a lot of fans there, being his home town so each time he hit me his fans would all shout and cheer, he got me a few good shots.

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