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Calls to improve road signage

Calls to improve road signage

A Barossa transport operator says the region’s freight route is not recognised enough and is calling for more signage to raise awareness.

Mr Tony Kuchel, retired transport operator, spoke to The Leader last week about the freight route as the State’s Freight Council encouraged The Barossa Council to consider an application for upgrading the Stockwell and Penrice Road intersection through the Black Spot funding initiative.

An increase in crashes at the major intersection has been brought to the Freight Council’s attention, who said, car drivers should be aware that trucks take a significantly longer time to slow or stop than ordinary vehicles. 

When it comes to the Stockwell and Penrice Road intersection, Mr Kuchel said trucks don’t just turn onto Penrice Road, they also go straight through the intersection on their way through the Valley. 

“The whole freight route needs more signage,” said Mr Kuchel, who said a number of their interstate trucks travelling to their Siegersdorf Road business are getting lost.

“The stop signs… there should be another big stop sign… this is a heavy vehicle route and a lot of trucks go through this intersection.”

Mr Kuchel said reducing the speed limit through the intersection should be considered and if it is approved for the Stockwell/Penrice Road intersection, the same should apply for the Stockwell and Angaston Road intersection.

“You pull up to the stop sign and you worry about  what’s coming through Salter’s Gully… and the stop sign should be the other way,” said Mr Kuchel.

Mr Kuchel explained it’s getting harder for trucks to manoeuvre through the region, particularly with the full load it’s harder to get going off the stop line.

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