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Reducing waste one coffee cup at a time

Reducing waste one coffee cup at a time

Businesses and cafes around the region are now opting for alternatives when it comes to your standard takeaway coffee cup.

A few weeks ago an episode of ‘War on Waste’ and the front page article on The Leader regarding takeaway cups got business owners and community members thinking about how coffee cups contribute so much to waste, as they are not actually recyclable.

Many businesses have registered through an organisation, Responsible Cafes, where the cafe reduces their use of disposable coffee cups and offers customers a discount for using a reusable takeaway cup.

Other business owners have chosen to start selling ‘Keep Cups’, which are designed to encourage the use of a reusable cup. However so many businesses have gotten on board the movement and orders for Keep Cups have caused a four week backlog!

In a bid to reduce waste in a way that suits their business, many cafes in the region are either introducing selling Keep Cups, selling biodegradable cups or offering a discount, usually around 50 cents, for customers who bring in their own reusable cup.

Some even offer the customers who purchase a reusable cup to have their first coffee in their new cup for free.

Barossa Sandwich Bar, Tanunda and Fleur Social, Nuriootpa are two Barossa businesses registered through Responsible Cafes.

At Barossa Sandwich Bar they are selling a $10 keep sake cup, which staff will fill for free for the first time and offer a 50 cent discount each time after that.

“We’ve had a really good response from customers and have been washing out or rinsing some of their cups,” said Pina Mollet, owner of Barossa Sandwich Bar.

“We’ve always tried to reduce waste and when I saw the front page of The Leader with Esther on it I thought we could do something like that.”

Offering a similar kind of ‘reward’ is Fleur Social, where the first fill is on the house when you purchase a Keep Cup from their business, and each coffee in the cup (or a customer’s own mug/cup) is discounted 50 cents from then on.

“We sold out of Keep Cups within 48 hours of the first load, that’s 30 cups,” said Ryan Remillard, Fleur Social owner.

“I’ve just ordered another 50 cups which are due mid July. We’ve had at least a dozen groups in the past few days just coming in to buy a Keep Cup.”

Ryan believes that sustainability has always been in the forefront of his and his wife Sara’s business and home life, and they are thrilled to be reducing waste however they can.

Darling’s Food With Passion Cafe, Tanunda and Barista Sista, Nuriootpa are two other businesses that are offering alternatives in terms of takeaway coffee cups.

For the full story see this week’s edition of The Leader.