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Tahnee’s biggest performance

Tahnee’s biggest performance

Tahnee Koch, Tanunda is part of this year’s prestigious Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

The 17 year old, who is currently studying year 12 at Faith Lutheran College, Tanunda, likes to describe the Adelaide Cabaret Festival as a ‘Fringe for Cabaret’.

As part of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival the producers conduct a course called the ‘Class of Cabaret’, and as part of this programme students in years 11 and 12 are guided through the creative process of a cabaret performance and get to perform as part of the festival.

This year, the Adelaide Cabaret Festival began on June 9 and concludes on June 24, being held in numerous venues throughout Adelaide, utilising mainly The Festival Theatre venues and Her Majesty’s Theatre.

As part of the festival Tahnee has been involved in performing in the Opening Variety Gala performances on June 9 and 10, and will complete the final ‘Class of Cabaret’ performance on June 24.

“The final performance is vulnerable and personal which is quite intimidating in a way, however it’s very exciting to be performing in such a high class festival,” said Tahnee.

Tahnee heard about the opportunity to participate in the festival through Mr Ben Schwarz at Faith Lutheran College, who directed the Faith musicals and was Tahnee’s creative arts teacher.

She then had to apply for the programme which involved filling out an application form as well as sending through video auditions. 

“It was quite unbelievable and expectant that I was accepted, but very exciting,” said Tahnee.

“Being a part of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival feels very exciting, but quite intimidating, knowing that people are paying good money to come see us perform.  

“It  feels like I have quite a bit to live up to, but I’m extremely grateful to be involved in such a great festival.”

Tahnee and the 23 other participants in the course, who aren’t from the Barossa region, are the youngest in the festival.

The course was designed for students who are from suburban areas who may not get as many performing opportunities as those in the city.

The first information session was held late last year on November 7, and the group’s first rehearsal was on March 4.

Since then there have been many day long rehearsals, which usually lie during school hours.

Tahnee is currently juggling working part time at Amanti Pizza Tanunda, participating in the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, studying year 12, being a Faith College Leader and dancing at Barossa Dance Company, which Tahnee has admitted to be quite a struggle.

Because of this she has grown and had to try and have good time management skills and communication with all teachers, her boss and mentors. 

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