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Locks of gold and heart

Locks of gold and heart

Staff from Yalumba, Angaston, have raised $800 for HeartKids after an employee offered to have his head shaved at the hands of his supervisor on May 12.

Initially, Ryan Press, cellarhand at Yalumba, was thinking of doing something with his hair, at the time he had dreads.

Ashley Fletcher, Ryan’s cellar supervisor, asked if he could shave his head and he would donate money to charity, which Ryan agreed to.

The shave became an event for staff to look forward to with people donating to the cause at the end of harvest employee party at Yalumba.

Ashley said, “Everyone in our cellar had pledged, so we held them to it… We sort of got the ball rolling, it’s vintage so everyone is a bit cashed up at the time. We got the word out and people were donating.

“Ryan had said jokingly about getting rid of his dreadlocks or brushing them out. I said I’d give him $100 to a charity if he let me shave his head.

“I did the deed. I found shaving quite liberating,” laughed Ashley.

Ryan wears a beanie now, going into winter, to keep his head warm and joked that his head gets cold all the time.

“When Ashley asked to shave my head, I said yes straight away. He said 30 seconds after, he could see the instant regret on my face,” said Ryan.

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