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Nicola’s plans as the new Barossa Young Ambassador

Nicola’s plans as the new Barossa Young Ambassador

Ms Nicola Biagi, Tanunda, won the prestigious two year position as Barossa Young Ambassador and she couldn’t be more thrilled to begin her journey as the new youth advocate and promoter of the region.

Not only did she take the title of Barossa Young Ambassador, but she also won the project award for her idea of hosting a female headlining music festival in the region called “Beyond The Tracks”.

Nicola is taking over the prestigious youth position from Chloe Thomas, the 2014 winner of the Barossa Young Ambassador Programme.

The Barossa Young Ambassador prize includes a return ticket to anywhere in the world with Qatar Airways, and five night’s accommodation from Clarke and Turner Travel Associates, Tanunda. On top of that, the project award prize is a $500 accommodation voucher.

At the moment, Nicola is still deciding on where she wants to travel to in her role as Barossa Young Ambassador, but she is finding it a little difficult when she is still coming down from her big win.

“I am still on a positivity high. It’s still such a surreal thing. Everyone’s first thing they ask me is where I am going. I am looking at the world map and all of these different options and I don’t really know. I would like to go somewhere wine based… I would love to go back to America… So I think we are going to do Napa Valley,” said Nicola.

Along with her trip overseas to investigate a region similar to our own, Nicola wants to promote the Barossa to the outside world and is also looking forward to mentoring the future young ambassadors in her new role.

Nicola said, “I am excited to see who’s going to apply [to the young ambassador’s programme]. You get out as much as you put in. It’s like anything that you put into life. I can’t wait to see who applies next and get to mentor them like Chloe mentored us.

“It’s a really great programme in terms of getting involved with young people… Instead of being in the competing end and having to study and contribute, I would be able to help them achieve what they want to achieve out of the programme. I am really looking forward to that.”

Nicola has another goal to create activities, events and things to do for young people in the Barossa.

Statistics that she found showed that youth in the Barossa felt like they had nothing to do in the region, which Nicola believes is a shame since youth shouldn’t have to leave the Barossa to do exciting things.

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