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A cruising success

A cruising success

The inaugural Kapunda Car Cruise held from March 10-12, ended up smashing their $10,000 fundraising target for the Kapunda Hospital.

The cruise was able to raise $25,200, that will be buying much needed hospital equipment for the Kapunda Hospital.

Colin Bolt, founder of the Kapunda Car Cruise, said the committee is overwhelmed by the support from the local community and businesses.

The Kapunda Hospital had no idea that the fundraising had done so well and were surprised by the outcome.

“We gave the hospital no clue until we announced it [at the auction]. They were gobsmacked… From October to now, it’s grown from an idea to $25,000,” said Colin.

“We will get the Hovermatt and emergency trolley which was on the original list.[The Kapunda hospital] have a wish list of stuff [they] want to get and when we give [them] the final figure, [they] will go through the wish list and [they] will have an excess of $15,200 extra to spend.

“I would be extremely surprised if we don’t do another cruise… People who couldn’t come this year on the cruise and have heard about it will definitely fill it up quickly next year.”

The cruise itself went well besides a few flat tyres, rain, and a couple wrong turns, but the group of 11 cars and 31 people always managed to make it to their destination.

The three-day drive visited country pubs and tourist attractions along the way. The committee also organised fun games to keep attendees entertained.

The Kapunda Craft Shop donated a large teddy bear, called KC, who became the official mascot for the Kapunda Car Cruise.

Between 200-300 items were auctioned off at the final dinner night held on March 12 at the Kapunda Golf Club.

Jackie Williams, secretary and treasurer of the Kapunda Car Cruise, said her lounge room floor was covered in donated goods to be taken to the auction and she needed help from other committee members because she didn’t know where to begin.

Over $7,000 was raised at the auction night that went towards the final total.

The Kapunda Business Alliance backed the car cruise and helped with some of the finances as a not-for-profit organisation.

Jackie added that the drive route was gorgeous and the track that Colin had organised took the attendees through beautiful country and lovely towns.

“We liked to pick on little country pubs. It gives them tourism. I think we inundated them a little too much. They become a little overwhelmed with our presence,” laughed Jackie.

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