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Victor wins by knockout

Victor wins by knockout

Victor Odindo, Angaston, had his second professional debut boxing match on Saturday and won by knockout in the last round.

The match, an undercard to the Back On The Map boxing match, was held in Hobart on March 18 at the Hobart City Hall. Victor fought in the welterweight class, between 63.5 and 66.7kg.

Victor faced off against Tasmanian boxer, Jack Unwin, who had his debut in the professional boxing ring. 

He said the boxing bout was a gruelling task against Jack, who lasted four rounds until Victor successfully won the match.

“I think I did very good, I am very happy with the result. I was the only one that won on my team,” said Victor.

“The match was full on. He was a tough guy to beat. Jack is a strong boxer and he has had some very good training. He showed respect afterwards and shook hands.

“At the moment, I haven’t got any [boxing matches] lined up yet, but we will wait and see.”

The results of the match were all in Victor’s favour. First round – 10-9, second round – 10-8, third round – 10-9, fourth round – knockout.

This is Victor’s second knockout match he has had out of the two professional matches he has fought so far.

The Back On The Map competition was organised by professional Tasmanian boxer, Luke Jackson, who was head lining the event and defending his WBO oriental title against African boxer, Mohammed Kamburuta.

The competitors were divided into teams for the event. Since it was organised by a Tasmanian boxer, the Tasmanian team versed an away team, which was a group of interstate boxers including Victor.

Jack Unwin has a boxing record of 13 wins, two losses and two draws under his belt as an amateur boxer. The Tasmanian boxer was still in high spirits after the knockout.

Victor is currently undefeated in his professional fighting career. He made his debut in the professional ring last year in Melbourne where he achieved knockout in the first round in one minute and 30 seconds.

Victor has been boxing for three years and enjoys the sport for the fitness aspect.

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