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Giant goals for Shantelle

Giant goals for Shantelle

Twenty-seven year old Shantelle Burgemeister, Stockwell has been competing in women’s bodybuilding since last year and recently came second in the Australian National Bodybuilding (ANB) in Sydney in October, 2016.

Shantelle said that second place to her was basically a win as she has only been training for two years time, however she now has bigger goals for the future and has already begun training for her 2017 comps.

The events for 2017 are divided into two categories, Season A and Season B.

Although Shantelle said she would love to compete in both, her coach has advised her to only compete in Season B which will be in November.

To be ready for this competition Shantelle will have to begin her strict preparations in June, although she said she has been training hard already so that she can bring her absolute best to the competitions.

“With my first comp I allowed 14 weeks prep but I have started earlier this time because I am so determined and know what to expect now,” she said.

“I will do the South Australian comp in September and then I will have Sydney Nationals in October.

“After that they are bringing in a new federation in NZ. The date has not been set yet but I would like to go over there because I have family over there.

Shantelle said her dream however is to compete in the world titles in Toronto, Canada if her competition in Sydney goes well. 

Shantelle said what first started her on this path was losing her licence two years ago.

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