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Falsely accused

Falsely accused

A vicious rumour, that has been circulating the region for the last month, has come full circle with the victims of the rumour only finding out the extent of the gossip last week.

Clayton Scott from Clayton Scott Funerals, Nuriootpa, has been accused by members of the Barossa of being arrested for a child exploitation case with no substantial proof or evidence.

The rumour was fuelled by social media and a destructive “name and shame” culture that has become prevalent among the Barossa Valley community social media.

Barossa LSA Chief Inspector, Alby Quinn, said on behalf of SAPOL that they are supporting the Scott family and declared that the family has had no involvement in the case whatsoever.

Mr Clayton Scott, his wife, Debbie, and his children, Caitlin, 18, and Lachlan, 16, only discovered the rumours wide spread nature recently and had to return from their holiday in Wallaroo to handle the distressing matter.

A neighbour of the Scott’s was arrested on an unrelated charge, which is possibly where the rumour started, while the child exploitation case was a different matter. Clayton believes someone has “put two and two together and got five.”

“Unfortunately, my name and family have been targeted on social media with gossip, which is totally unfounded and unsubstantiated, regarding the arrest of a 59-year-old man alleged to be involved in child exploitation case,” said Clayton.

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