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Targeted twice in two months

Targeted twice in two months

Barossa Clothing Co. in Nuriootpa has been targeted by thieves twice in two months, following a spike in thefts around the region.

Owner, Geraldene Schmidt explained that over the 21 years of business they have never been broken into, just had the very rare shoplifting incident.

“After a while you do sort of think of it as a personal attack,” she said.

Last Tuesday night Geraldene and her daughter Emily closed the shop thinking everything was well and good.

Upon return on Wednesday morning they found a rock had been thrown through the front window of their Murray Street premises.

Four items of baby clothes were stolen from the front window, with glass left shattered everywhere.

“We do have to kind of laugh because they took a baby’s pyjama top, but left the pants,” said Geraldene.

“But besides that, we are both furious.”

However Geraldene and Emily both agreed that this must mean someone saw them or the thieves were in a hurry.

Both ladies agreed the thieves hadn’t smashed a hole big enough to get through, meaning they were unable to actually enter the store and steal bigger items.

Geraldene has put her entire life into building Barossa Clothing Co., explaining that it is her ‘second home’ and that she spends more time there than anywhere else.

“It’s just been a major shock and there’s so many idiots in the world,” she said.

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