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Local sisters make sidecar-cross history

Local sisters make sidecar-cross history

Lara and Eliza Wedge, or the ‘sidecar sisters’ as some may know them, recently made history placing third overall in A grade for the Australian Sidecar-cross Association Series, which was presented at the awards night on November 12.

The sisters were the first all-female team on record to race in the A grade competition.

They raced in open A grade against the top male competitors in the country, with only one other female racing as a passenger in A grade this year.

“Not only are we the only all-female team on record to compete in A grade competitions, we also made it onto the podium which is really our biggest feat,” said Eliza.

“Sidecar-cross is a very male orientated sport in Australia and overseas. So being competitive against boys is something we’re very proud of.

“We have made history.”

The competition was a five round series, however one of the rounds was unfortunately cancelled due to weather conditions and the track being completely flooded. Each round entailed three fifteen minute races, plus one lap.

Both Lara and Eliza explained that they were really stoked about their results this year, agreeing that they hope they can continue to improve to reach their ultimate goal of travelling overseas to race.

“We’re super happy with our efforts this season and how we’ve improved throughout the year, especially to come home with this awesome achievement,” said Lara.

When asked what it meant to them both being females in a male-dominated sport, Eliza explained that the boys don’t treat them any different just because they’re girls.

“On the track we still get filled in with dirt from the other bikes and they aren’t afraid to give us a push and a shove when we’re racing,” she laughed.

Lara believes they like to be recognised as girls on the track, hence their bright pink bike and gear.

“We don’t expect to get treated any different, we’re racers just like everyone else on the track,” said Lara.

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