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Nuriootpa pool – almost ready for summer

Nuriootpa pool – almost ready for summer

The Nuriootpa War Memorial Swimming Pool will be a hive of activity for the next three weeks, as staff and workers prepare the area for the upcoming summer season.

Each year the pool opens on the first weekend of November, however this has been delayed due the the extensive damage from the floods in early October.

The pool is now scheduled to open a month later on December 3, celebrated by a movie night on December 9.

Craig Wilson, manager at the Nuriootpa War Memorial Swimming Pool, is in charge of getting the area cleaned up over the next three weeks and is eager to see the pool back in action.

This week the swimming pool is being filled with water again after having been completely drained after winter – something that occurs each year.

This is quite a sight for passersby and children, who don’t usually get to see such a massive 50 metre pool completely empty.

“We do normally drain the pool but this year we also had to clear out all the residue from the storm, such as branches or leaves,” said Craig.

“We’ve also had to clean the pipes for the pool as they were filled with mud and dirt, whilst also replacing some tiles that had fallen off.

“After all, the pool was completely underwater during the floods.”

New fencing was recently installed along Memorial Avenue, as the wind and waters from the storm had torn down sections of the fence.

The extensive cleanup has already included washing the concrete, cleaning out the change rooms, tidying the kiosk and other general cleaning throughout the area.

Other jobs that are planned for the next three weeks include mowing the lawns and fixing the sewage pit, which actually caved in during the floods.

At the time of the floods, staff were amidst installing a new chemical storage section, which then had to be re-done due to the damage.

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