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A higher calling

A higher calling

The Reverend Linda Brooker from The Anglican Parish of the Barossa, is excited to be ordained as a priest by the Anglican Church on December 10.

She will be one of the two female Anglican priests in the Barossa, and her parish could not be more excited for her to be ordained.

Currently, Rev’d Linda is a Deacon and was ordained to that position three years ago. The Reverend Steven De Kleer, who will be sharing the parish with her, was delighted with the announcement of her ordinance.

Rev’d Linda said, “It is marvellous. I am over the moon… I feel very privileged, very grateful to the bishop too. It just feels as if I have come full circle.

“I don’t mean I have ‘made it’. It’s just another step, but it has completed a circle in the sense of feeling that I am where I believe I should be.

“I have been overwhelmed with people’s generosity and their love. The parish is absolutely delighted because they have always seen me as having been a priest.”

The ceremony to be ordained as a Priest will be held at the St Peter’s Cathedral in Adelaide. Rev’d Linda is looking forward to the pageantry of the day since it is a very impressive service.

She will stay at the Archbishop’s house a few days before. It is a silent retreat, so she will not be speaking to anyone during that time.

It has been a 24 year journey to get to where Rev’d Linda is now. In the 90s, she was set as an ordination candidate, but her husband’s job changed so they had to move.

After a while, she was set to be ordained again but the Archbishop at the time said that at 48, she was too old.

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