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Poultry shed to go

Poultry shed to go

After a long history of sheltering prize winning poultry at the annual Tanunda Show, the poultry shed at the Tanunda Recreation Oval is being demolished to make way for new development.

Due to the demolition of the poultry shed, the Tanunda Show will not have a poultry section held in 2017, but the committee hopes to have the section return for the 2018 show.

The demolition of the building should be finished by November 18. The Barossa Council and Tanunda Show are aware that a number of locals were not happy with the demolition, but they believe this was for the best.

The Barossa Council community project director, Ms Jo Thomas, said, “It’s been a process of a number of years now; ongoing discussions about the fact that the building has essentially done a good job and provided many, many years of service to the show. But it’s got to a state where it’s just at the end of it’s life in all honesty. 

“To revamp the existing building would have been significant. What we are turning our attention to, with the committee for the whole recreational park, is how we can combine that with other requirements that the different groups have, and make it more suitable going forward.

“That still includes components for the show and the poultry. What we are looking at is making something more suitable as part of the extension of the show hall, including a whole range of different multifunction spaces, one of which will have the show society.”

The council have been working closely with the Tanunda Show committee to figure out where they can go from here.

The Tanunda Show Hall, which is a part of the overall master plan for the oval, will be extended over the current poultry shed site. The extension will be multi-purpose, so the show society will still be able to use the space.

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