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Luke’s lending a helping hand

Luke’s lending a helping hand

The Australian spirit of camaraderie and kindness was  displayed on September 30, amid the flooding mayhem.

Nuriootpa resident, Cindy Harris lives alongside the North Para River and evacuated late in the afternoon, on September 29, when the water level continued to rise.

The river continued rising until the whole street was submerged. Cindy explained that at one stage the water was knee deep. 

With the fear that her house had flood, Cindy returned the following morning to find the Nuriootpa CFS had sand-bagged her house, preventing any water from entering. Cindy also discovered fellow Nuriootpa resident, Luke Matthews pumping water out of the street and back to the other side of the levy bank. 

“He was an angel sent from heaven,” she said. 

Cindy explained that Luke not only saved her house, but he also saved many others on the street. 

Luke and his wife, Lindy Jones, were going for a drive when they noticed Cindy’s street was flooding.

He decided to lend a helping hand and pump the water out, a process which took over four hours to complete. 

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