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Henry is off the bench

Henry is off the bench

Henry Slattery is returning to the Nuriootpa Rover Football Club (NRFC) to coach the A-Grade-side after a year long ban from football.

Allan Norton, the 2016 A-Grade interim coach, will be stepping down, as planned, to allow Henry to take the role.

Henry, former Essendon player, was suspended for this season after the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) found that the club had inappropriately used supplements during the 2012 season.

Since Henry had played two games of that 2012 season for Essendon before retiring, he was named as one the 34 players found guilty.

Looking ahead to the 2017 season, Henry said he wants to put it behind him and start thinking of the future.

“I am looking forward to it, from my perspective, it’s been a long 12 months out of football. In a way, it makes you more eager to get back,” said Henry.

“It was difficult to step away. It allowed me to concentrate on other areas of my life, but I haven’t really given football a lot of thought this year… You kind of always look at the positives or make the most of the situation.

“For me, there has been a lot of other things outside of football that have been pretty important to look after… At the moment, we are trying to look at structuring a good team for next year.”

The NRFC are welcoming Henry back with open arms and are looking forward to the promising 2017 season.

Chris Linke, NRFC president, said initially that the club would always stand by Henry when the controversy and ruling arose earlier this year.

In regards to Allan’s interim coaching this year, the club were grateful to him for stepping up and taking the position on such short notice.

“[Allan] did a fantastic job, to step in when it’s something that he never coveted to do; he did everything he could and there were things out of his control. Obviously, the season didn’t go as planned, but we will be alright,” said Chris.

“He did a great job and he will still be involved in some way, shape or form, which he always would be before.