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Barossa’s Steel Barrier Way

Barossa’s Steel Barrier Way

An increased number of steel barriers installed along Barossa Valley Way has residents wondering ‘why’?

The additional safety measures were installed as part of last year’s state budget when it was announced the tourist route into Tanunda would undergo an upgrade that included shoulder sealing.

However, more recent installations in the past few months have local road users worried.

Questioning the validity of barrier placement is Ms Dianne Hensel who has lived along Barossa Valley Way for more than 50 years.

As a driver frequenting the section between Tanunda and Lyndoch, the long time resident cannot understand the logic behind their placement.

“They should change the name of the road from Barossa Valley Way to Steel Barrier Way for starters,” said Dianne.

“There’s absolutely nowhere to pull over if you have to get off the road. If you get a wide load coming through, during vintage especially, you have absolutely nowhere to go.”

Describing the barriers as an “absolute hazard” to drivers, Dianne said they were “outright dangerous” for all road users.

“You head to Rowland Flat, come around Dier’s Corner there, and all of a sudden you’ve got a tractor with a spreader….you’ve only got inches to move if you need to move. What do you do? Hit the spreader or hit the steel barrier that shouldn’t be there?

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