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Barrel of work

Barrel of work

John Falland, Nuriootpa, has a provisional patent on a special Seismic Isolating Base that prevents wine barrels from falling over during an earthquake.

While the design is still to be tested, John is hoping that someone will pick the research and patent up from him since he is retired and doesn’t plan to manufacture the product.

During his time as owner of John Falland Australia, John was approached by people from New Zealand and America to find a way to prevent barrels of wine being destroyed during earthquakes.

For over ten years John attempted to figure out the design but was never able to get his head around the concept until after he retired.

“Its been going on for a few years that they have been asking me, can I think of something, “do we strap them down tight?”. All sorts of things,” said John. 

“I think, if you strap something down tight in an earthquake it is the worst thing you can do. It needs to be something flexible.

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