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Coat of Arms mauled

Coat of Arms mauled

Kapunda residents are mourning the loss of their much loved emu, “Emma” and “Roo”, her Kangaroo companion after a savage dog attack last week.

Living in the community’s “Coat of Arms Animal Enclosure” at Dutton Park, the native animals were found dead last Tuesday morning with Light Regional Council confirming that the two dogs responsible for the attack were found trapped in the enclosure and taken into custody by staff later that morning.

“The incident is now subject to a thorough investigation in accordance with the prescribed legislation and this is ongoing at this time,” read an official statement from Light Regional

“Council requests that this process be respected without commentary or speculation as to any of its related particulars. Once the investigation is concluded Council will be in a better position to determine what actions occur from that point forward.”

Ms Gillian Cooper, concerned resident and Kapunda Business Alliance representative, said she posted the shocking news on the group’s social media page last Wednesday morning after confirming that a text she was sent late the night before, was true.

“It went viral after that because nobody knew,” said Ms Cooper.

She said the incident had created much talk within the community.

“People were reporting instances of stray dogs attacking their animals and all sorts of things, so it’s caused a bit of a furore.

“In a way, it’s been good because Council are now very firmly aware that there is a dog issue.

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“If Council doesn’t know that there is a problem, you can’t expect them to do anything can you.”