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Accident waiting to happen

Accident waiting to happen

Angaston Motors owners, Steve and Jannine Vaughan are concerned with the bus park near their Murray Street business.

The allocated bus park space by The Barossa Council is just 12 metres long, with the average bus now at least 12.5 metres long.

Link SA General Manager, Mr Mark Dunlop, said that Link SA can only use bus stops and zones provided by the council.

Both Angaston Motors and Link SA are concerned for safety, as buses are having to park over the driveway at Angaston Motors, blocking the view for drivers leaving or entering the business. 

 The neighbouring house to Angaston Motors has also recently erected a tall fence, which has added to the concern of cars leaving the business as they are unable to see pedestrians or vehicles coming from the left.

However, since the fence has been added, the neighbour’s driveway has been permanently blocked off.

This means the council would be able to extend the bus park up to 20 metres if need be, just by adding extra yellow lines.

Apart from cars, Steve’s main concern is towards the amount of school students and gophers that pass the business on the footpath and can’t see oncoming traffic.

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