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Man’s best friend

Man’s best friend

When the Pinery Fires hit, on November 25, a Wasleys dog, Elle, did the unthinkable and walked through the fire to find her owners.

Dennis Lyle and Claire Goble, Wasleys horse breeders, were out catching their 32 horses when they lost sight of beloved pet Labrador, Elle.  

“She had taken fright, and ran when she saw the flames,” he said. 

The flames that frightened Elle caused extensive damage to numerous parts of Dennis’ property, and got a close two kilometres from the house. 

Eight year old Elle walked four kilometres through the fire, along a nearby railway track, until she reached Wasleys. 

It was a Wasleys resident who found Elle in the backyard of a friend’s house. 

Immediately they took Elle to the Roseworthy Vet Clinic where she was identified and treated for third degree burns. 

Elle has since made a full recovery from her burns that effected all four paws and her stomach. 

“We thought she was dead,” said Dennis. 

“We were very lucky that someone found her.”

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