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Freeling township targeted

Freeling township targeted

Laura Farrelly, owner of Freeling Pizza Bar and Takeaway, said her husband, Peter alerted her to last week’s break-in early Thursday morning after seeing the back door jimmied open when he arrived at work.

More than $1,000 worth of food had to be thrown out and the usually busy Thursday night’s trade was lost because of the time it took to clean up. However, the only things stolen were Coca-Cola cans and bottles.

“Basically they trashed everything,” Laura told The Leader on Friday.

Having owned the business since February 1, Laura said the shop and kitchen were left in “a complete mess” and it looked as though the intruder was looking for hidden cash. Even the bain-marie was pulled apart.

“We’ve had to throw out a lot of food just to be on the safe side. We don’t know if they’ve touched it or what they’ve done with it.”

Laura understands that there were other criminal activities reported in the township that night.

“I did hear that they tried to get into the Football Club and there was also building supplies taken from a building site, the house being re-built after the fire – they have had quite a loss,” Laura said.

“It’s really disappointing for this town in general. It’s a nice town, everybody looks out for everybody and they are very supportive here,” 

Laura’s daughter Kerri Farrelly’s business, Natural Freedom with Kerri Lee, is in the same building, located through a doorway in the neighbouring room.

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