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Murals of our history

Murals of  our history

Kapunda’s mural facelift may be kicking off soon with the latest concept artwork planned for the Kapunda Post Office finally released.

Mr Danny Menzel, committee member of the Kapunda Mural Project committee and local artist,  designed the planned piece using an old photograph of the original post office in the early 1900’s.

The committee received interest and funding from local organisations and businesses keen to have murals attached to their premises.

Danny said, “We are currently awaiting final approval from Australia Post to attach the mural to the building. Being a commercial company, the artwork will have to comply with their branding and guidelines.

“The Kapunda Post Office was chosen first because it is not a heritage listed building, which means we don’t have to wait for approval from State Heritage before we start work on the mural.

“It is also in a prominent location and the Post Office proprietors, Ian and Sue Todd, were very supportive. The size of the post office is smaller than most others, so it is a good place to start before working on larger murals that will be more involved.”

There were three different concept murals  for the post office. But after a few hours, the committee were able to refine the finished mural into something appealing.

Many local artists have raised their hand to be involved on the first mural project.

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