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Packing a punch

Packing a punch

ompson, 18, fought her way to the top to win the South Australian International Kickboxing Federation Muay Thai Championship.

Under the banner of Knees of Fury 56 in February at Dom Polski Centre in Adelaide, she holds the belt for best 66kg female Muay Thai fighter in the state.

Muay Thai is also known as Thai Boxing, Zoe picked up the sport two years ago after seeing her cousin fight and decided to get involved for the fitness aspects.

This was her first title fight where she had five rounds of two minute intervals, up from the normal three rounds. Zoe was tired after two rounds but the adrenaline kicked in to take her through to winning the championship.

Zoe said that she had to have a rematch against the woman she competed the state title for, after nearly being knocked out in the last round in her first fight at Whyalla.

“I recently fought her for my first fight and she rocked me in the last round. It means you are really confused and your vision goes blurry. I fell on the ground, I wasn’t knocked out but I was really wobbly,” said Zoe.

“This fight was a really challenge. I trained heaps hard and I really wanted to win it, but I always had that doubt that she nearly knocked me out once, she might be able to do it again.

“It was really, really tough. At the beginning of the night I was full of nerves but as it got closer I thought, ‘no I can win this’… There is always a bit of nagging that you are going to get hurt but in the fight you don’t feel it, it’s the minutes afterwards when you realise.”

So far, Zoe has partaken in three fights before this state title over the last year with one win. Her opponent has been in 5 fights before the title match and won all of them.

A highly intense sport, Muay Thai is a type of extreme kickboxing that uses all body parts. To perform in the sport well, a fighter needs to have strong mental and physical discipline.

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