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Moculta families receive internet service

Moculta families receive internet service

Moculta Recreation Park  and the Hall Volunteer Advisory Group have recently had the opportunity to assist the area with poor internet coverage, by making one of the oval light towers available for the installation of internet hardware.

Moculta resident, Mrs Jodie Kurtz, became a local contact for Beam Barossa and put the issue into the council early February, as her family has struggled to receive an internet connection.

“Since the installation of the internet hardware a month ago, my family and the local community have been thrilled,” she said.

“Before this, certain families relied on just satelite and mobile service for internet.”

Jodie believes that these days internet is a vital service for communities, rather than a luxury.

“Most families need internet, whether it’s to pay bills or for children with schoolwork,” she said.

“Although there is an NBN tower in Truro, there’s a hill in the way and the signal doesn’t reach Moculta.”

Jodie is incredibly thankful for Beam Barossa and believes none of this would have gone ahead without them.

Mr Rick Pfeiffer, chairman of the Hall Advisory Commitee, lobbied on behalf of the community to ensure the plans went ahead.

To facilitate the assessment of the light towers as suitable for the installation of the equipment, a structural engineering assessment was completed by Ingenia.

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