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Tom and Abbie prepare for big adventures ahead

Tom and Abbie prepare for big adventures ahead

Tom Melton, Lyndoch and Abbie von Bertouch, Nuriootpa, will be getting ready for their next big adventure with their flights booked in preparation for the long term volunteering they will be doing in Cambodia.

Tom and Abbie were surprised when they realised over social media that they would be moving overseas around the same time to do volunteering for RAW Impact in the same country.

Previously, Abbie has done a number of trips over to Cambodia with RAW Impact. Tom was a leader at RAW Impact last year and was inspired to revisit the impoverished country after his previous trip.

While Abbie has plans to stay in Cambodia for six months, Tom’s future plans a little more indefinite since he has only bought a one-way ticket.

Tom said, “I have just taken this on as a challenge. That’s just the kind of guy I am. I put myself in a situation just to try it out and see how I go. It will be fun either way.

“It’s not a waste of time at all… It’s awesome fun. You see some pretty full on stuff and it’s really eye opening. It brings you back to earth a bit.

“But all of the people over there, they are great people. It’s a really fun and happy place even though its really not happy in some areas.”

While Tom isn’t exactly sure what type of work he will be doing in Cambodia for RAW Impact, he expects it to be hands on work that might include building houses, schools and farms.

Abbie will be taking up a ground co-ordinating position where she will be assisting the short term volunteer teams and show them how to do everything from her past experiences.

Abbie originally got the volunteering bug from her parents four years ago but had to decline due to university commitments. She watched their journey and the work they were doing and became motivated to be involved.

She always goes once a year to volunteer since she enjoys helping people and the satisfaction you get from volunteering.

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