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Waterworks at Kapunda pub

Waterworks at Kapunda pub

When Kylie and Rodney Black, owners of the Sir John Franklin Hotel in Kapunda, came into work on the morning of March 10, they were not expecting to find a waterfall becoming a new feature of their hotel dining room.

A heavy storm that lasted all night and into the morning in the Mid North region caused a water pipe on the roof of the hotel to rupture.

While the incident was not due to the storm, it still caused significant damage to rooms at the hotel.

The dining room had water damage to the ceiling, carpet and walls, while upstairs, room 15 of the hotel had a ceiling collapse, leaving a large hole.

The damage costs are unknown at the moment; Mr Black said they will need to get someone in to assess the extent of the damage and cost of repairs.

Mrs Black said, “It’s not good because Thursdays are our schnitzel nights and they are our busiest nights. We just have to keep vacuuming as much as we can and get the moisture out of the carpet.

“You don’t want the smell of mould coming through. It was just a case of mother nature.”

Mr Black says that this was just an unfortunate event to occur at the hotel but its just something that happens.

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