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Tim’s important message spreads further

Tim’s important message spreads further

An interview with the BBC World Service’s Health Check last week has put an extra spring in the step of Lyndoch’s Mr Tim Barritt.

Known for the extensive work he does to raise awareness around suicide prevention and emotional wellbeing, Tim’s work was elevated to another level on the same day the Australian Bureau of Statistics released data which revealed 2,864 Australians died from suicide in 2014, the highest figure for the last decade.

The interview, which now has a podcast online, starts off with Tim’s partnership with The Leader in publishing ads which are designed to get people talking about their emotional health issues.

“At 65… it is the main thing I do in my life and I have a great passion for it,” said Tim.

“I don’t care when I send off $250 for an advert if I save one person’s life… it is worth so much more than that and I can’t take it with me.”

Sitting alone in a recording booth in Adelaide’s ABC studios early last week, Tim was interviewed by author, psychologist and Health Check presenter, Ms Claudia Hammond, from BBC house in London.

This was followed on air by an appraisal of his work and life saving concept by Professor Keith Hawton, director of Suicide Research at Oxford University, who said he admired Tim for his passion and wishing to communicate with people to get help.

For the full story see this week’s edition of The Leader.