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The grass is greener in Sedan

The grass is greener in Sedan

The Sedan Tennis Club has started back up again after nearly 15 years on hiatus due to the low numbers stopping the club in its tracks.

Currently, the re-established tennis club consists of one senior team with four men and four ladies, but are excited about the prospect of giving new life to the club.

The club was using the Cambrai tennis courts to practice and play for their first season back in 2014 since they did not have a proper pitch of their own.

The Mid Murray Council funded new grass tennis courts at the Sedan Recreation Park, which is the new home base for Sedan Tennis Club.

Stephen King, Sedan Tennis Club president, said, “For the first year, which was last season, we have been playing at Cambrai on their courts because these courts here weren’t any good. During last year we talked about getting the courts up and running, and that’s what happened.

“I was with the footy club for 20 years. There was nothing for people to do in Summer apart from Cricket in this area. There are a lot of people that like tennis, so we just asked around and contacted a few people and they were interested.

“We don’t have any juniors as yet, we have some kids that play before the seniors start to just have a hit and practice and all that. We are hoping to get a junior competition going in the next couple of years. It’s a work in progress.”

The courts are artificial grass, which Stephen said is a little softer on the feet and ankles compared to the previous unusable asphalt court.

While the 2015/16 season is nearly finished, the new courts will be used for the Murray Plains Tennis Association grand final. Cambrai, Nildottie and Angas Valley clubs will be gathering at Sedan to test out the two month old courts.

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