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Paula’s passion for greyhound racing

Paula’s passion for greyhound racing

Passion for greyhound racing for Ms Paula Hearnden, Angaston, began through her late father, Darrell Hearnden, who trained and raced greyhounds for many years.

Moving back to the Barossa from Kangaroo Island in March 2012, Paula experienced living with the dogs and started to adapt to the lifestyle.

Paula admitted that after a couple of months she was hooked, taking over the responsibility of feeding and keeping fit 24 greyhounds, including 10 pups full time. 

Daily routines for Paula involve putting the dogs on the walker machine to exercise them, letting them go out for a run and a scratch around and generally just keeping the dogs fit, healthy and happy.

The greyhounds only race once a week because just like any other athlete, they need to recover, especially when they’re exerting a lot of energy and running really fast within the 30 second race.

Paula recently attended the industry awards night with family and friends, alongside many other locals, where she was invited to join approximately 100 other people to celebrate the success of their well-loved greyhounds.

Lachlan Brown, one of Paula’s greyhounds, was crowned greyhound of the month for October last year. 

Lachlan Brown participated in the Adelaide cup race, coming second out of eight to arguably one of the best greyhounds.

“My favourite thing is being with dogs all the time, I want the best out of the dogs and they just love racing,” said Paula.

Angle Park on a Thursday night is the biggest race that Paula attends with her greyhounds, with a lot of people attending and supporting this prestigious race.

Paula feels so strongly towards these animals and believes it’s an excellent sport to get into, recommending it to everyone.

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