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Inspiring a new generation of creative thinkers

Inspiring a new generation of creative thinkers

The Friends of the Barossa Library are inspiring young Barossans to get creative and become our future thinkers.

President of the Barossa Friends of the Library, Mr Bill Biscoe said the volunteer group’s focus was not only to raise money for the library, but also to promote literacy.

“One of our major aims is to encourage people, especially in this day and age, to become literate – particularly our young people,” said Mr Biscoe.

It is the reason Friends of the Barossa Library are running their second Young Writers’ Competition with prizes including e-readers for age group winners and library book vouchers on offer for schools.

It follows a  thought provoking editorial written by The Leader editor, Mr Tony Robinson, in which he addressed the declining literacy rate in young Barossans.

“Tony was saying that our younger generations are becoming decreasingly literate, decreasingly creative and are relying on external sources all the time to stimulate their minds,” Mr Biscoe said.

The aim of the competition is to encourage young story writers and poets to be creative and become proficient at writing down their thoughts.

“What we want them to do is make them think about stories instead of having stories told to them… and writing them down. When they are writing them down, that makes them think about how to put the story together, you become creative but you also learn to use your tools,  much the same way as a painter would use a canvas and paint brushes,” he said.