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Daveyston residents talk bushfire plans

Daveyston residents talk bushfire plans

After the horror of the Pinery Fires, the small Daveyston community banded together to discuss their plans for future bushfire situations. 

Allan and Cynthia Kempster held a meeting at their house on Sunday, which was attended by most of the town.  

Steven Bartsch, also a local, said the meeting was about sharing their experiences and concerns.

“The bushfires were a scary thing for a lot of people… it’s not just a physical thing, it’s also a mental thing,” he said.  

The resident’s main concern is a strip of land out the front of their homes, which could potentially be a fire hazard.

They intend to approach council about giving them a hand to tidy up the area.  

Other items discussed at the meeting included plans for more houses to get water tanks.

Allan said that he thinks the meeting will also increase the communication amongst the locals.  

Cynthia agreed and said that the community would rally together in times of need. 

“I think this has woken a lot of people up,” said Steven. “I don’t think you think about bushfires until they happen.”

Many Daveyston residents either evacuated or could not reach their home, the rest staying back to save their property.

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